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Green Coffee Bean Max Review 2016 – What is the hype?

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What is the Green Coffee Max?

Note: This is a 2016 Review

What is Green Coffee Bean Max (GCBM)? It is a diet pill aimed at helping you slim down and a supplement for your training and nutrition.

(Here is what the product looks like once it has been opened:)

green coffee bean max review

How does the GCBM work?

We are not going to get into the nitty gritty details of how this stuff actually works – please go here to see an in-depth overview of the ‘how & why’. Now, let’s jump into the Green Coffee Bean Max review.

Does it work? Is Green Coffee just a natural caffeine boost?

Well Yes.. and No.

Unlike many other diet pills, it does come from a natural source: the Coffee Bean Max – many people are familiar with green tea, and how it boosts your metabolism.

Well this wouldn’t be any different, perhaps an easier version of Green Tea as you don’t have to continuously drink something you do not like.

By boosting your metabolism, your body will burn more fat through-out the day.

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Secret: These pills are most effective just before you eat. If there is an optimal time to take it, do so before you eat. Everyone that has tried these pills have reported much better metabolism when coupled with your meal – this seems to be a positive side effect of the green coffee bean extract max strength!

Besides assisting you to lose that stubborn fat, one of the reasons why we would recommend this particular pill over others is because (in addition to improving metabolism:

  • It actually helps improve your ‘blood sugar level’. What this means is that essentially the amount of fat (sugar) is better regulated throughout your body.
  • A result of this is that it also helps reduce your cravings for sugary food. (We have to keep in mind the Sugar is the primary problem for fat).
  • It, ironically, isn’t actually caffeine heavy. The biggest worry for people who want to consume this pill is that caffeine can come in bags. Well, the fact it is green coffee beans means that the overall caffeine content packed into this pill is less than ten percent!
  • Not many people are aware, but there is a free trial available right here. We encourage you to use this before actually buying the thing. You might as well take advantage of offers and save your pennies before you commit, makes sense?

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That is all the information you really need. Anything more can be found on their actual site. Do not be swayed by people claiming it works or ‘this green bean coffee max, it doesn’t work’ – make up your own mind, because everybody is different.

*It is important to note that there have been No Green Coffee Bean Max side effects. This is based on their studies and more can be found on their site here.

Which countries is GCBM available in?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is available in several countries – please find the list below. If you are from a specific country, please click on the relevant country link!

Green Coffee Bean Extract UK (and United States) – CLICK HERE

Green Coffee Bean Extract Australia – CLICK HERE


We recommend a solid diet, exercise and supplement regime – after all, that is what is going to get you fit and lean.

However, supplements are a huge advantage as they allow you take advantage of your body’s natural abilities – don’t be afraid to try products like this one.

Click here to go to the Green Coffee Bean Max website.

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